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目前提供 【西马邮寄】 服务

邮费计算 分为 冷冻产品 & 常温产品

邮费 RM 12
-购买 冷冻产品超过 RM 130, 结账时输入优惠码 FPSHIP,享有 优惠邮费 RM 10

邮费 RM 7
-购买 常温产品超过 RM 130, 结账时输入优惠码 FREESHIP,享有 免邮费

一个订单包含 冷冻产品 & 常温产品
邮费 RM 12

Delivery available to [ West Malaysia ] area only

Shipping fee is calculated according to product group:
1. Frozen Food & 2. Dry Food

Frozen Food
-Cold Truck delivery, hassle free for frozen product issue
Shipping fee RM 12
-Enter promo code FPSHIP in the cart, to enjoy promo shipping fee RM 10 for purchasing frozen product above RM 130

Dry Food
-Normal courier service
Shipping fee RM 7
Enter promo code FREESHIP in the cart, to enjoy FREE delivery for purchasing dry food above RM 130

Both product groups included in an order
Shipping fee RM 12

1 网上转账 

下订单后,请自行到所属银行的官网,转账至 大众银行 Public Bank 3197490102 TECK YUAN FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD,请在 Reference 处 填写 订单编号。付款完成后,请发送 付款收据至 本公司的 Facebook专页 <德緣食品 Teck Yuan Food> (点击下方 Messenger 标志与我们联系),我们将处理订单 安排发货。

1 Transfer via e-banking

After placing an order, please go to your e-bank website and make your payment directly to Public Bank 3197490102 TECK YUAN FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. After that, please kindly send your Payment Receipt to our Facebook page <德緣食品 Teck Yuan Food> (contact us by clicking the Messenger icon below). Your order will be shipped once the funds have been cleared in our account.

1. 目前仅开放 西马地区 邮购

2. 提交订单后,将无法更改

3. 每周二、周三 & 周四 将安排寄货 (公共假期除外)

4. 将会在寄货后告知您的包裹 tracking 资料

5. 请避免填写 较偏远的收货地址 (例如:Tiang Lampu xx, Lot xx ),以确保物流公司能顺利交货

1. Currently provide delivery within West Malaysia

2. No amendment can be made after checkout

3. Shipment will be arranged on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (except Public Holiday)

4. Will be notified when the parcel is ready to send

5. Please avoid the delivery address as followed: Tiang Lampu xx, Lot xx (to ensure the parcel can be reached)

1. 若因包裹无人接收 而导致货物损坏 本公司将不负责

2. 若接收货物后 发现产品损坏 请在 24小时 内拍照并发送至本公司 Facebook专页 <德緣食品 Teck Yuan Food> (点击下方Messenger 标志 与我们联系)

1. We will not take action for the product issue caused by nobody to receive

2. Please kindly send us the photo of damaged product within 24 hours if necessary (contact us by clicking the Messenger icon below)